Monday, November 23, 2009

Quaker Silence?

My world is strangely silent. We are all speaking is whispers. There is a creepy lull; I'm even a bit down...this forced monastery atmosphere is dampening my verbal processing spirit! I have lost my voice.

My sons hate it. "Why are you whispering?" "I can't hear you." "Can you please talk normal." "I don't like you this way."

On day one of no voice they mimicked me and responded in whispers. They did it without really thinking about it, and they didn't seem to notice I was forced to speak this way. It was like some fun game we were all playing together. It wasn't until evening that all their frustration came out. I was frustrated too. Still am.

Each night I go to sleep thinking that tomorrow will be the day that I wake up and my voice has returned to me. I can't help but panic a bit; what if this is the new normal? Freaky.

I need to invest in a white board or post-it notes. My mom and I do charades. Random people will say hello, like the garbage man, and I just smile. Getting gas was tricky. I'm having empathy for the mute. I feel cut off from the world.

My mother-in-law is here this weekend. I have lots of questions and things I'd love to tell her. Nope. I sit in silence. I am thinking I need to invest in an overly talkative friend right now. Someone who will just talk my ear off and visit with me even though all I can do is nod and shake my head.

I asked my husband if he missed my voice. He said, "Oh, this is actually nice!" Ha, ha! He thought it was so very funny. I did not.

I think I might need to have a game night soon where all we do is charades. Anyone?

(Note: On Sunday morning my voice began to regain strength. Now I have smoker's voice.)


Nina said...

No thanks on the charades, but I will be sure to call and talk your ear off soon! Happy to hear your voice is coming back...

Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

Sounds like me a couple weeks ago - so sorry for you!!!