Sunday, November 8, 2009


I make running lists of the ways I am outnumbered. I have thoughts, "Wow, this is only happening because I have all boys." I mostly love it. I've always liked feeling special. And I do. Each boy does his part. They all think I'm beautiful. They love my hugs. They depend on my consistency. They yearn for my approval and praise. My oldest told me he wanted to buy me a pretty pink hat, a nice pink shirt, and yellow pajamas. I'm very excited to open my Christmas presents this year.

So, here are some of my random noticings about my current situation:

1. I'm the only one who consistently sits on the potty.
2. I'm the only one who will ever buy a bra, to wear, along with all those other womanly things.
3. I'm the only one in my family who will ever give birth.
4. When I drove my son to him first day of preschool, I had to remind him that he couldn't pee outside. He needed to go inside and use the bathroom.
5. I get to hear my children play and shout, "I'm going to smash your guts!"
6. Potty humor. Just stick poop, pee, bottom, fart, etc. at the end of anything and you've got funny.
7. Boxes routinely become rocket ships.
8. Famous Imaginary Play Duos are: Spiderman and Batman, Chip and Dale, Optimus Prime and Magatron, Darth Vader and Darth Mal.

9. When motivating my boys to clean up the toy room we all became Transformers. I have to be in character the whole time, and am impressed with my Transformer knowledge and verbal skills.
10. I'm the only one not thrilled when Daddy brings home new critters.

11. I don't think decorating with animal heads is decorating.

12. I'm the only one who can't make cool sound effects.
13. If I don't take part in nightly WWF, I miss out on quality touch and affection.

The list continues.....and will morph and change through the developmental stages. And I love it.


Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

Seriously, is that a scorpion? {Shudder}
I can relate to so many of your points even though I have one daughter. She jumps right into the fray when there's a battle going on! She's usually Princess Leia or Padme running around with something as a gun!

Laura said...

Where are you putting the cool animal heads?

Lindsey said...

Cute list. My first baby is such a girly girl but in January were going to have a baby boy. I am excited for the box rocket ships and peeingo outside :) Thanks!

Jen Rouse said...

Potty humor crosses gender lines. My girls think it's hilarious too.

Also, just yesterday my girls were lamenting that they can't stand up to pee. I had nothing to reassure them with about that. I think all girls do think it would be kind of cool to be able to easily stand up to pee.

Rebekah said...

Oh Lindsey, you will love it!

Yes, I wish I could stand and pee. The few times I've had to find a bush in the woods, it just drips down my legs and on my panties, not a lovely experience. Plus, you have to hang your rear out in the cold and hope no scorpions find it and bite it!

FeliciaE said...

There is no way in this world I would have a scorpion in my house.*chants*"thank God I have girls"

But secertly I wish for a boy one day just don't tell Mr E

Tracy DeLuca said...

I am slightly outnumbered.... but would love another boy! They are so much fun but also gross... LOL Love your list.

Rebekah said...

Tracy, I love my boys and wouldn't switch a one!

Mindi said...

Yikes! My worst nightmare is a scorpion in the house, even if it is in a cage! Bring on the stuffed animal heads, but no scorpions! :) Your boys are sure growning up fast!

Theresa Angel said...

We have decided, under my doctor's guidance, that two children will be my limit. I will find out in late January, early February whether I too will be outnumbered. I already feel that way sometimes. It's amazing how quickly our boys become boys.

Jessica and Jason said...

Absolutely great post and pictures!