Saturday, August 1, 2009

Excellent New Reads

I am so excited about these two new books I picked up at the library! I read them with a beaming smile! The wit! The allusion! So clever.

Sir Ryan's Quest is my living reality. The boys were smiling the whole read, and I kept thinking, "This guy must have had boys." It is his first children's book; Jason Deeble is a science teacher. This makes me like him all the more. The inspiration for his story comes from his own childhood adventures. Sir Ryan, the main character, wears his pajama's through the whole story. He finds adventures in the closet, basement, stairway, and cupboard of his home. How perfect! My boys spend most of the day in their pj's. They only get dressed when they are forced to. They are little Ryan's for sure.

The other book I'm totally jazzed about is Patricia von Pleasantsquirrel. Another very funny read. I love that this book alludes to The Giving Tree and Where the Wild Things Are. I kept wondering what type of writer would create such a funny children's story. Well, James Proimos has written several screenplays for Nickelodeon and created several TV shows. So, there you go.

Anyway, these are worth finding at your library. I plan on buying Sir Ryan's Quest for one of my boy's Christmas presents this year.


Rebekah said...

I haven't left on vacation yet....that is why I posted one more blog.

Ashlee said...

Just requested both books:) Hope you have a great vacation!!

Anonymous said...

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Diana (Ladybug Limited) said...

Just got back from vacation and requested these 2 at the Corvallis libray, but they don't have Sir Ryan! I, of course, requested that they purchase it!