Friday, August 14, 2009

The Art of Blackberry -One of August's Many Fruits

Little thorns tore at my flesh. Briars reached out and gouged at my legs. My feet were harassed. I dressed all wrong. My top, although it was long sleeved, was a favorite for the hooks and barbs. I felt like I had done the tango with a barbwire fence. I knew better than to wear my whites, so I put on some black athletic shorts. Shorts. What was I thinking? I should have worn sturdy jeans. My shoes, my faithful summer companions, were my blue Chaco sandals....perfect for the blackberry bushes to get in and attack.

Blackberries are sweet, the picking....not so much.

I've been picking for roughly three decades now. I haven't changed my method. I stand carefully and cautiously as close as I can to the bushes. I step on various branches, stamping them down so I can get even closer. I maneuver my arm through the maze to get to the plumpest of berries. My fingers are purple and black. My lips too.

I never attempt to get enough to do jam. I just want a few bowls for a crisp or to smother over a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream. I don't have the mental stamina for more picking.

I got my two bowls filled late this morning. My picking was constantly being interrupted, but so is everything I attempt for I am an outnumbered mother. I asked the boys if they wanted to join me. They did not. I knew they'd change their minds; they always do.

Once they saw me out there they wanted to be where I was. My oldest is capable of putting on his own shoes and had no trouble getting out the backdoor, across the yard and through the cut, dry grass field. My middle son does not have these skills. He stood at the edge of the yard crying. I'm glad he stopped and waited. I have ventured across the dry, yellow fields of August and it hurts. The hollow straw cuts right through bare feet.

So, I left my bowls at the picking site, and I went to get him. He wanted his shoes. We had trouble finding them. We checked multiple locations in the house. We tried the van. We finally found his shoes on the kitchen counter. Then he didn't want them. He didn't want to pick. He wanted to eat graham crackers inside.

I headed back to my task of gathering berries. My oldest was no longer there. He was in imagination world: the sandbox.

Soon my middle son was crying again at the edge of the field. This time he wanted me to carry him. No shoes. He crawled onto my back. We headed out. As soon as I set him down he was sorry. His feet hurt. Not only was the straw causing his terrible morning to be even worse, he didn't like the blackberry bushes either. He ate a few and was done. Things were hurting him, out to get him.

I carried him back.

I started picking again. This was taking too long. Surely there was a better way. I am a genius, so it only took me three decades to come up with a better picking approach. (Plus, I had only maybe 30 more mins. until my baby woke from his nap and this task would be forced to a halt.) I walked back to the yard and located my garden gloves and pruning sheers. I cut off branches with ample clusters of blackberries. I cut three to four of these goldmines at a time. I sat, squatted, and plucked the berries into my blue bowls.

They filled quickly. I was done. I call this the Snip n' Pick Method.

I might actually make two blackberry crisps this year. It was just that good.

Next time, I will wear appropriate clothing and do it when my sons are all asleep. I will wear my spelunking headlamp, I guess.

Notes: Since writing this I was able to produce one large crisp and one batch of jam, yum! I am so jazzed that I plan on heading down to the river to get more August goodness.)


Laura said...

Wow, jam too!

Laura said...

I can just see your little guy at the edge of the field. =)

marilyn said...
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marilyn said...

Why is something so delicious, so prickly. I remember when we sprayed them one year and you were so troubled, but guess what they are all back and then more.

Paula said...

Blackberries say "summer" to me, too. My mom used to pick buckets of them on warm evenings, and then go in and make jam. Lots of jam. The smell of blackberry jam cooking brings back so many memories. For the years my kids were in elementary school, I, too picked buckets of blackberries for jam. And handed the jam out to all the teachers at Christmastime. It got so bad that I would start spotting prime picking spots as we drove along back roads or fences. I felt compelled to pick the berries; after all they were going to waste! Alas. I'm in blackberry recovery now. Didn't pick a single berry last summer, and am resisting the urge to go and pick some right now! Still have enough jam left until next year. I think...

Morgan said...

We picked blackberries on Sunday and they are delicious! Huge, plump, and juicy!

I can see how snipping them would go a lot faster!