Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer, a Good Time to Write?

I'm having a hard time making myself write. The sun is out! My garden is growing, meaning the weeds are growing. My 2nd is potty training. My baby is napping, for the moment. And my oldest is just fun. I want to be. Be as in experience and live it up! I want to enjoy Otter Pops with my boys. I want to tan these white legs. Ok, just get some freckles. I want to wear my sunglasses and read a good book.

I want to think about interesting plots and stories that I can write when the rains return to the Oregon landscape.

This is not a good season for a writer. I could write in the evenings, which is what I put on my lists every night. But instead, I take extra long tucking the boys in bed. I sneak into the kitchen and find a bite of paradise for my palate. I relax to So You Think You Can Dance. These are the things I find myself doing. And, I think I might do one of these right now!

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Diana (Ladybug Limited) said...

I totally hear you! I have so many lists of blog posts to write, but the only interaction I want with the printed word when the sun is shining is via reading books, not writing anything! Too much happening to hole myself up with a computer...