Friday, June 26, 2009

Part Three of Homeschooling: Responses from Other Readers

One reader responds:

Again, I appreciate your thoughts. I agree that for some families/circumstances, homeschooling works very well. Others seem to make the choice out of fear. It's good to remember that ultimately, parents are responsible for their kids' education, whether public, private, or at home.


I wanted to say thank you for your honest and thoughtful words. After a year's worth of first grade homework, I know I could not homeschool. No patience or experience in teaching reading, even if I teach literature . . . I wanted to tell my youngest "But you just read that word on the ... last page. Don't you know what it is yet?!" Thank goodness for elementary, and middle, and high school teachers! They have the hardest job in the world.

Someone else:

You know what's so funny about this- the reason you want to send your kids to school is the exact reason I don't want to- I feel like at school, my education was very one-sided. I had great English/Grammar teachers, and I did very well in that subject (and math too). But, I did not understand science from the beginning and never learned to love ... Read More much of history. The teachers just never really made me love it. I want to make sure I am the one choosing the curriculum so that it fits their individual learning styles and so that honestly it can be fun for them. Learning should be fun. And, if they have an interest in music, sports, or whatever, then we can give attention to those areas, without wasting time doing a bunch of stuff they don't enjoy. Anyway, views are funny, and I just love that you and your husband are on the same page. That is huge, and your kids will do great simply because of that!!! My husband and I really agree on our choice as well and that gives me the support I need!


My kids have been to public, private and home school. When we home schooled, we didn't attempt to do "school" at home; in other words, not a lot of specific curriculum, etc. (I could probably write a book on that.) I have a feeling that because you're such a good mom (you obviously love your... Read More boys and are already thinking about what will be best for them), you're bound to rethink this year by year. It may be that public school is perfect for one or two and home schooling will be perfect for one or two. Keep an open mind as they grow older. Our youngest is back at private Christian school and loves it. Our oldest ultimately decided too much busy work, not enough real-life learning was what school was about. He thinks "school" is fake learning. Ultimately, God, His Holy Spirit can guide you into what is best for the boys, including education, activities, travel, etc. You don't need a public school for all that. :)

P.S. (From one more reader)

Well I was home schooled from 7-12 grade, part time we were required to take at least classes at a local Christian school, which was good, but the homeschooling was good too. My mom made sure we had interaction with kids other than just siblings. And for my senior year, I still was home schooled, but also took GED courses at the community college and got my GED. It helps if you are able to get involved in either a home school association or home school co-op too. I am glad that I was home schooled. I would not have survived public school.

Ok, only one more post by me on this topic, then it is back to the fun and creative!

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