Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Latest Library Trip...

This was a good trip to the library, no real losers out of the bunch. There were, however, three picks that take the top prize:

Man on the Moon is very fun to read aloud. It has good humor for both adult and child, and if you are at all dramatic, you'll have fun with the various lines and phrases. And the images are a bonus! The artist has captured good emotion and characterization in Bob's face. Love it.

My four-year-old is beginning to like longer reads and is getting quite the active imagination, that is why Jack and the Beanstalk is a favorite of his. The pictures are very captivating.

Water is just refreshing. As you read it, you do feel like you are drinking a cool glass of water. Plus, the images are from many cultures and brought up many good questions from my sons, like, "Why don't those women have heads?" The women were from India and their heads were concealed by black scarfs.

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