Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures of the three boys


heather said...

Cool-you have a blog! You are such blog-type person =). As far as diapers...I like Costco brand for all sizes. I also like Costco wipes. My mom and mother in law are leaving today, so after that, I will look up your photo question. Are you meaning that you want a photo on your header (like behind your title "Outnumbered")?

Sally said...

Spencer: Why are they holding Finley?
Me: That's not Finley - that's Aren?
Spencer: Oh - can we go to their house again?
Me: Sure - this summer
Spencer: okay, then we'll play!

Rebekah said...

Sally, love the conversation! Heather, I figured out the picture question. Now, I'm wondering how to add the blogs I follow on here and links to other sites I like. Anyone?