Thursday, June 9, 2011

Show 'n Tell

A high priority is placed on my kinder finding that perfect show 'n tell item. He rarely misses a day. One morning he hauled down, from his bedroom, his large castle complete with kings and knights. Yesterday he took a pile of rubbery spiders. Each morning it is something new and different.

This morning he was very excited to be taking a photo of his great grandfather hunting wild boar in Hawaii. Love this. My oldest does have a few faint memories of his Great Grandpa Richey. I have a few faint memories of my Great Grandma Richey.

My grandfather is the first person in my life that has died that I truly miss. He was so coherent and relational all the way to the end. Other grandparents have died, other elderly who I was close to have deceased. But in the end they were so out of it because of drugs/morphine or had been suffering the effects of a stroke for way too many years, that I remember a feeling of relief when they finally passed.

And although my grandfather was ready to go, his physical body was done. For most of his 97 years, his life had been good. And he related to all of us right up until the moment he closed his eyes and left. So I think that is it, all my memories of him are so good that I miss him more. I remember him as he was, alive and living life well.

So I am happy that my son took this picture of The Great White Hunter to school. I'm glad this man that took part in molding and shaping me has had a little influence over my oldest, and that my son knows that this man represents a life once lived.


Anonymous said...

I love this. I loved the last time I visited Grandpa (2 weeks before he passed), how with it he was and the conversations we had that day. I will never forget the sweet things he said. I hugged and kissed him a bunch that time. I guess I knew it would be the last time. He loved us all so much. I also miss grandma now, even though she's with us. I miss her the way she was. I also miss grandma Edith. I think of her often.
from, Laura

Michelle said...

Thank you for the lovely post. It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of my Grandma D, my Aunt Susie, my Dad....beloved people who've passed away but who are not forgotten, whose pictures grace the walls of my home and whose funny stories are still told at family gatherings as we laugh until we can't breath.