Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I would say our first book signing and reading extravaganza was a success! Did we really have 11 of our contributing writer's there? I think we did! Four of our writer's read: Nancy Thomas, Lisa Graham McMinn, Marta Sears, and Paula Hampton. We are hosting our second event this Friday at the Brownsville, Oregon library. It starts at 11, and the bonus is that we have a fabulous teacher coming in to do a Mother's Day craft and story time with the kids: free childcare! Bonus: you walk away with a Mother's Day present.

Feel welcome to come if you are not a mother. There were many men at our Chapter's reading last night.

So, how can you support us? Become a fan on FB, write a review on Amazon, or attend an event.

You can follow this link to find us on FB and see pictures of our Chapter's Reading event. It is always fun to put faces with names.

On our FB page you can be part of the discussion, responding to posted questions, and you can also leave encouraging comments for our writers. We've also posted links to various newspapers who have covered our book release.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your book signing! Loved seeing the photo, with you, Melanie and Marta!
Heidi C