Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good discussion going on over at Just Moms,the Facebook page. Love to hear your thoughts.

How much control do you take over your children's appearance and what they choose to wear? Melanie worded this question a bit differently and then added her own current experience dealing with this topic.

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gen2revztruth said...

Pfft! As My 5 year old has his shirt on backwards, his pockets hanging outside his pants, his face a visual reminder of what he has eaten a few hours before, his shoes, (if he decides to wear them at all with his socks), often on the wrong feet, I'd say it's pretty obvious his Mother has little to no control over what he wears! I have tried in the past. I gave up. Now I'm happy with catching him as he walks past me and scrubbing his face with wet wipes!