Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Toys for a Three-Year-Old Boy

One of my posts that continues to be popular is the one I wrote last year about what to buy my two-year-old son. Now it is time for an update since that same little boy is approaching three at wild speeds!

He still plays and loves his Thomas the Train set. I could get him more accessories this year, but we just got him some fun things for Christmas. (Rumbling Bridge and Toby's Windmill) And I know in this next year his train obsession will wane as it did for his older brothers as they went from three to four.

He loves Beyblades, but what he really loves to do with his Beyblades is disassemble them and interchange the parts.

Here is the "problem": he already has everything he could ever want. This is what happens when you are the 3rd of three boys. Our house has plenty of toys and he has plenty of things to do with his time. He's excellent at playing by himself and coming up with childhood adventures without the aid of more play things.

Of course, a mama can't not buy him something. So I did purchase him a little music and drum set. I hope he loves it. I hope the parts don't get scattered throughout our house. But I'm feeling confident. This little one loves music! He's constantly singing, playing drums, and finding ways to create tunes and rhythms. His favorite activity is dancing with his brothers. The spend a good portion of their after-school-time dancing upstairs to rock 'n roll music, off of Daddy's IPOD. Guess I could get him his own IPOD, but that seems totally ridiculous, right?

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