Monday, January 16, 2012

Fine Motor Skills Manipulative: Total Engagement

A very archaic laptop took up space on our desk, much to my husband's annoyance. He wondered why I kept it there. Not sure. I thought about donating it to my son's preschool...they have a mechanics center where kids take apart small electronics with tools. But then a better idea whizzed through my cranium, "Set up my own center for find motor skills! The boys were in heaven and so was Dad. I think I might start picking up these little treasure from time to time at thrift stores. It is my latest parenting tip!


Michelle said...

I love it! When my nephews visit, they are always out in the shop with my husband, screw drivers in hand, helping him work. It's too cold for them to go out there right now, so this would be perfect for them to get their tool fix while keeping their fingers from frostbit!

Rebekah said...

Michelle, the shop is too cold! So is ours. We got our oldest a basketball hoop, but it is so freezing we've barely played with it. I'm hoping to get some more shop play in this spring....ride bikes, tools, basketball etc.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! -Laura