Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After the Golden Age: A Book Pick

Yes, I am doing a book pick, something I've abandoned, but feel is fitting with summer upon us!  First of all, After the Golden Age is not particularly deep or richly thematic...nothing too profound, but it is the perfect summer brain candy.  (I stole this line from a fellow book clubber.)  After the Golden Age takes place in today's times, in Commerce City.  The twist, it is a super hero fiction.  I never pick up these types of reads, but I do enjoy a good summer superhero flick, so why not a superhero read.  I have been pleasantly delighted at each turn.  I love how normal it is to talk about how the superheros are either in their street clothes or their skins. (Oh and I'm reading this on a Nook which I always thought I'd hate, but can now see the draw too...sorry Sherman Alexi.) 

I'm writing this plug before finishing the book.  I have about 50 pages left to go and as soon as I clean up the kitchen I fully intend to sit the boys in front of  the TV and finish my light adventure.  The book fit the perfect plot triangle, very textbook.  But isn't that what you want for a summer read and a travel companion to beach or mountain?

My only unknown is:  what is Celia's superpower.  I still think she's got one...even though she's sure she's a genetic dud...born of two superhero parents.  Right?  Well, I'll let you know once I get to the end.


Michelle said...

Sounds very interesting! I'm going to go peruse the electronic halls of our library and place a hold on this book. Thanks!

Jen Rouse said...

I really enjoyed the unique spin on the superhero genre too. I completely agree with your assessment--not a lot of depth, but a very enjoyable summer read.

Rebekah said...

Well, I can't wait to discuss this with my group: What is Ceila's power? Loyalty? Fear of personal death? Something more? Does this book leave room for the sequel? Will Ceila's offspring expresses the superhero gene.