Monday, August 23, 2010

Fast Monkey

This is the summer of Fast Monkey, The Elephant Song, and Opposite, which are all songs by Steve. Not sure what the official titles are, but that is what the boys shout at me when we load up the van. And for once I don't mind, at least for the last two months straight. Now, I'm beginning to get a bit tired, but Steve is pretty good. This is the same Steve who does the music on PBS Kids.

I just happened to find this CD at our local library and we've been renewing and checking it out now all summer long. I keep wondering if I should buy it, but what if right when it finally comes in the mail my boys tire of it?

I found another, earlier, CD, and it wasn't quite as good. But Marvelous Adventure is quite pleasant, and I find myself just as excited about the "turtle song" as my boys.

You should really check it out though.

Here is another link to some more video footage of Steve.

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